Jozhelyn Marin

YOE 7+ Not stareworthy??? One appointment with this bae and you will be! Hold on to your seat Pretties because Marin will blow you away with her keen coloring... state-of-the-art makeup and makeover skills. Drenched in the Paul Mitchell culture, Marin is ready to answer any Q's you may have. Questions, Comments, or concerns Marin is your girl.

Where are you from?

 Aguascalientes, MX! I moved to the USA when I was 6 years young! 

Why did you become a hair dresser?

 Everyone pushed me to go to cosmetology school, I thought it would be a fun skill to have but I fell in love with the Paul Mitchell Culture. I love giving back and helping others! 

Do what sets your soul on fire

What inspires you?

 Love inspires me! 

What is your biggest accomplishment in the hair industry?

 Being able to travel and do hair and makeup in other states! 

What is a random fact about yourself?

I read my horoscope everyday! #leo

jozhelyn's prices



Womens $39



All over color $60+

Base and Highlight $155+



Highlights $95+

Balayage $115+